Karate National Championship - 2019

Wishes from Chairman’s Desk

My Heartiest wishes, for the students and Karate Master Sensei Prethik 3rd Shotokan Karate National Championship -2019 was held at Bengaluru on 21st & 22nd December. In this 21 of our school students participated and they won 18-Gold, 12- Silver, 13 – Bronze medals. They also received Trophies for participating enthusiastically in the friendly tournament with the students of Bengaluru School of karate.

Gold Medal Achievers

1 Zoyafathima.S II Std
2 Mahaboobasha. S V Std
3 Diya Dharshini V Std
4 Dharunpronav.K.B V Std
5 Aswar Basha. H VIII  Std
6 Shanmugam .T VII Std
7 Eshan. A V Std
8 Shanmugapriyan.S V Std
9 Sudharsan. S VIII Std
10 Hiteshprethik VI Std
11 Rohan Raj. T V Std
12 Dharshan.D IV Std
13 Ajiesh M IV Std
14 Rajesh.R VII Std

Silver Medal Achievers

1 Hitesh Prethik  VI Std
2 Janavi karunanithi.D.P II Std
3 Nitesh kumar.E VI Std
4 Revindaksa.C V Std
5 Dharsan. D IV Std
6 Mohammed Adnan.M.A IV Std
7 Ajiesh. M IV Std
8 Rohan Raj.T V Std
9 Thanush.S VII Std

Bronze Medal Achievers

1 Shanmugam .T VII Std
2 Aswar Basha. H VIII  Std
3 Sivamoorthy. T VI Std
4 Tanush.M VII Std
5 Ajiesh. M IV Std
6 Mohammed Adnan.M.A IV Std
7 Lingesh.V V Std
8 Rajesh.R VII Std
9 Sudharsan. S VIII Std
10 Nitesh kumar.E VI Std
11 Shanmugapriyan.S V Std